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We are here whenever you need us. You can always rely on when your car fails you.

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women-calling-a-tow-truck-compressor-compressor (1)Are you or a loved one struggling with the tragedy of dealing with substance abuse? Whether it’s alcohol or drugs or any type of substance that you or your loved ones may abusing we are here to help we had planted is the premiere Authority in helping people in recovery we offer The Edge program that get results and get people back on their feet to a productive member of society . the worst thing anyone can do when dealing with any type of addiction is to do nothing and allow the problem to get worse we want to make sure that this is not going to happen to you we all make mistakes but the worst thing would be to allow your addiction to destroy your life and your others that are in your life.

I can’t say enough about this company. They helped me get back on my feet during a rough time in my life. Thanks again.

Rick E,

Everyone in my life gave up on me. I almost gave up myself but one call changed my life forever. Awesome company with great service.

Tina F.

After getting my 3rd DUI I was forced to get help. I made the call to Rehab Planet and they helped with no judgement at all.


All Calls Are Private & Confidential

(865) 888-4483